Minnesota Megasquirt Group

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Minnesota Megasquirt Group

Postby iceminion » Fri May 01, 2009 7:24 am

Hello, I am the ring-leader of a small but growing group of Minnesota based megasuqirters.

So far, here are our projects:

Colin - 1988 2.3L DOHC HX-35 MS1 powered Merkur - Runs and drives and blows up head gaskets.
Mug - 1990 2.4L AWD GT35R MS2 powered Talon - Still being put together
Andrew - 1990 Stock AWD - MS2 powered Eclipse - Runs and drives
Alex (me) - 1997 d16y7 Civic - MS1 - Still being put together, megasquirt build complete without vtech control (for now) RUNS!!!!!!!

we are slowly figuring this out, and many other friends have expressed interest pending our eventual success, want to lend your soldering/wiring skills to our group? drop us a line. I will try to check back periodically , if you want to get a hold of me, my email is alex.applecare@gmail.com
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Re: Minnesota Megasquirt Group

Postby tmechanic » Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:10 pm

Where are you guys from in MN, I'm in WI but only about 40 mi from the twin cities, I'm doing an install on a '85 VW Scirocco 1.8l 8v using a MSI Extra, I plan on using a Ford EEIC-IV wasted spark ignition.

I think I met Collin and his Merkur in Menominee, WI late on a Sun night in June, maybe 2 years ago, I had been in Cincy and he was coming back from IN also.

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Re: Minnesota Megasquirt Group

Postby Dametalcrafter » Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:51 am

I'm hopping there is still some activitry here as I am looking for help in getting communication between laptop and MS1 in a street rod. I have some experiance with a Big Stuff 3 in my street rod but I'm lost getting started in Mega Squirt. Anybody? Am willing to pay or swap for welding, machining or fab work.


Don 651-357-8228

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